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These are the songs which have gotten me through an otherwise shitty day of suffering with the cold, writing, drawing and fantasising about how good a Dark Tower movie would be if it could ever get off of the ground.

1. Kleerup feat Lykke Li - Until we bleed

2. Mystery Jets - Show me the light

3. Alpine - Villages

4. The Japanese Popstars feat. Tom Smith - Joshua

5. Blitz Kids feat. Aled Phillips - Story. (The last 20 seconds are the best part of the song. OK, well not really, but they're pretty good as it goes.)

6. Mensch - Island

If I was better at life, or anything I could probably have compiled all these into a beautiful youtube playlist and let you click through them at your pleasure. But i'm not, and it's approaching midnight and I have to go to the dentists tomorrow (DENTAL DISASTER). This has all built up into me sitting on a throne of un-compiled youtube videos while I flick you the victory sign. But I hope you enjoyed them regardless.

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